Building a Culture of Peace
    African Initiatives 
Ghana August 6-10, 2004 


                                               FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT 

The Education for Peace Globalnet in partnership with the Apeadu Center for Peace/Ghana and Children of the Earth, Inc./USA is organizing its Continental Meeting for Africa in Ghana, August 6th. to 10th., 2004.

The Globalnet is a worldwide community of learning and action committed to take responsibility for the planet, to preserve life and to develop knowledge by promoting interactions among relevant projects on schools, communities, communication, cultural production, peace and environment education.

The Meeting is focused on the African contribution for the worldwide movement to build a culture of peace and non-violence for the children of the world. It will be held in Accra from August 6th. to 8th., and in Aburi from August 9th. to 10th. The program will include keynote speakers, panels and report on relevant initiatives.

African organizations dealing with youth participation, teachers training, health promotion, armed conflicts, community development, peace and environment education, cultural production will be invited to present reports on their projects and develop a further cooperation among them and with similar projects from other continents aiming to advance the construction of a culture of peace in the world.

It will be a special opportunity to learn from the local wisdom traditions, to attune to the local priorities and approaches to human development. It will be also an opportunity to develop lasting ties, to examine and publicize creative and effective solutions, and to offer to Governments, Foundations, International Organizations concrete examples to inspire public policies committed to peace building.  Participants from Brazil, USA, and other American countries will have also the chance to draw from their African roots, develop cultural ties and forms of effective cooperation for peace.

Projects to be reported in the Africa Meeting, Ghana-2004 should be first registered here .

Information about traveling and hotel reservation will be offered in this website. Secretariat for the African Meeting: or, Phone/Fax: 005511.30644630.  

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