• Launched at the Education of the Future
    , March 2014, in São Paulo - Brazil

  • Designed to create local communities of parents, teachers, local leaders, artists, communicators, youth.

  • Committed to guarantee to children, adolescentes and future mothers the satisfaction of basic educational needs for their full development in the place they live.




REDEPAZ Education for Peace Globalnet, born in 1993 at the closing of the International Conference on Education of the Future in the Latin American Parliament and Memorial, São Paulo - Brazil, organized world, continental and local conferences, meetings, celebrations by networking many local, regional, international and global organizations and fostering practical connections among exemplary projects on education, family, community, media and arts

2000: “The Future of Our Children”
Geneva World Meeting - Auditorium Jean Piaget and Unimail -
sponsors: University of Geneva and UNESCO -

2002: “Culture of Peace and Global Citizenship”
São Paulo World Meeting - Sesc Vila Mariana and Latin American Parliament -
sponsors: SESCSP - UNESCO - Latin American Parliament 

2003: “Building a Culture of Peace: Asian Initiatives”
Bangkok Continental Meeting - Gran Miracle Conference Center and Senate of the Kingdom of Thailand
sponsor: Dhammakaya Foundation

2003: “Building a Culture of Peace: Middle East Initiatives” Nazareth Continental Meeting - Marriott Conference Center
sponsors: The Jewish-Arabic Center for Peace Givat Haviva - UNESCO

2004: “When Tradition Meets the Future: African Initiatives”
Accra Continental Meeting -  YMCA and Botanic Garden
sponsor: Apeadu Peace Center

2004: “Connectivity and Synchronicity: Building a Culture of Peace”
European Continental Meeting - Findhorn Community
sponsors: Findhorn Foundation - Redepaz - Unipaz

2005: “Awakening the Global Heart”
North American Continental Meeting - Hyatt Convention Center - Washington.DC -
sponsor: Institute of Noetic Sciences -

2005: “The Power that Connects”
South American Continental Meeting - Casa das Américas - Iguassu Falls
sponsors: Casa das Américas - Itaipú - FIEP

2010: “World Conference on Culture of Peace and Sustainability: Citizenship and Global Governance”
E-Conference with 17 local meetings in 10 countries
sponsors: Bahai Community - The Club of Budapest - Goi Peace Foundation - Institute of Noetic Sciences - Studies of the Future Institute